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Diversity Programs


This year, SBTB returns to East Bay. We have deep roots in Oakland and work with its Community College system to invite underrepresented students. We also continue working with the communities making strides in diversifying the tech industry -- women who code, learners, minorities, and many more. We are steadfast supporters of LGBTQ developers and use every opportunity to welcome folks who uphold community values.  

Our volunteer program enabled hundreds of students and other attendees to join SBTB while working a few hours each to help us with welcoming attendees and supporting the event.  

We are working with the tech leaders to enable our outreach and bring as many of such attendees as possible. Diversity sponsors are key partners of the communities in the Bay Area and worldwide. If you'd like to help us with community stewardship, please get in touch and send us an email at

To apply for your complimentary ticket as a part of the diversity program, complete the form below. Successful candidates will be notified by 10/30. 

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