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Alex Monahan: In Process Analytical Data Management with DuckDB

Alex Monahan is a forward deployed software engineer at MotherDuck and writes blogs and docs part time for DuckDB Labs. He has a bachelor's in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. Alex recently joined MotherDuck after 9 years at Intel. After starting at Intel as an industrial engineer, Alex later became a technical analyst, and then moved into a data scientist role. Back in 2020 Alex discovered DuckDB while building an internal self-service analytics platform. It was such a perfect fit that he quickly integrated it and began using it in multiple projects. Alex also became one of DuckDB's biggest Twitter fans! He has been diving deeper into duck-themed databases ever since.

In Process Analytical Data Management with DuckDB

DuckDB is a novel analytical data management system. DuckDB supports complex queries, has no external dependencies, and is deeply integrated into the data science and data engineering ecosystems. It is fast, easy to install and use, and handles larger than RAM datasets. Since DuckDB runs in the same process as the host language (Python, R, Java, JS, Rust, etc.), no serialization or socket communication has to occur, making data transfer virtually instantaneous. For example, DuckDB can directly query Pandas data frames faster than Pandas itself. It can even run in the browser with WebAssembly. In our talk, we will describe the value proposition of DuckDB, and how it can be used to improve users' day-to-day lives through automatic parallelization, efficient operators and out-of-core operations


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