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🔥 Back By Popular Demand: The AI Workshop You Can't Miss!

Have you missed the Full Stack Deep Learning workshop in May?

📌 Join Us at the SBTB on the 13th of November for an Exclusive Workshop: "Building production-ready LLM-powered applications."

🌟 The Full Stack Experience:

  • Holistic Learning: Understand the entire lifecycle of an AI-powered product.

  • Prestigious Pedigree: Courses previously taught at UC Berkeley, featuring lectures from AI luminaries like Pieter Abbeel, Richard Socher, and Andrej Karpathy.

  • Rave Reviews: Our courses have been hailed as "high quality tokens", "the most comprehensive class", and "unbelievably free".

👨‍🏫 Who:

  • The Full Stack Deep Learning. A team of UC Berkeley PhD alumni with years of industry experience who are passionate about teaching people how to make deep neural networks work in the real world.

More info is here


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