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Can't imagine a week without our tech fix.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

🌟 In the swift current of tech, we navigate by staying tuned into relevant blogs and new discoveries. Our compass 🧭? Continuous learning and exploration!

Can't imagine a week without our tech fix from 🚀Petr Zapletal's 'This Week in Scala'. For years, Petr's covered it with insightful reviews, relevant news, and captivating talks!

As a speaker, he has a knack for choosing topics that are not only relevant now but through the years. Back in 2019, we were fortunate to have him at our SBTB conference. His talk on 'Change Data Capture in Distributed Systems' was enlightening.

Modern systems are typically designed as a collection of cooperating micro-services, each with its dedicated data store to cater to individual needs. Given the various requirements, corresponding data are often stored in data stores of very different characteristics and use cases.

Petr's talk addressed the advantages and disadvantages of various CDC approaches, guiding in this often complex area. He generously shared his experiences, including samples, and offered recommendations that resonated with the audience.

Enjoy the video:

Delighted to invite Petr Zapletal to our CFP!

And we're opening the stage for all of you. 📢

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