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Graham McNicoll: Open Source Warehouse Native A/B Testing

Graham is the Co-founder and CEO of GrowthBook, the most popular open source feature flagging and A/B testing platform. Before starting GrowthBook, Graham was the CTO of for 6 years. He helped grow from nothing into one of the largest Ed-tech platforms by focusing on data and deep product A/B testing, and helped build their A/B testing platform. Graham is a three times startup founder, including starting an international non-profit to increase access to communication in the developing world, particularly sub Saharan Africa. He has a degree in Physics from CMU.

Open Source Warehouse Native A/B Testing.

Today's modern companies leverage some of the many data pipelining tools to collect their data in their own warehouse and use this data for making data driven decisions and running BI tools. For most companies, using this data for A/B testing usually requires building custom reports. In this session I'll talk about why you should be A/B testing, some of the advantages of building your own A/B testing platform using your own data warehouse, and some of the ways it can go wrong. Then I will show you a new open source experimentation platform called GrowthBook that allows you to have a customized A/B testing system without the work. Finally I will share some best practices from top companies when running an experimentation program, and how you can leverage your existing data to make your company more successful.


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