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Karl Wehden: An introduction to Open Accelerated Discovery: An integrated framework for computation

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Product Director for Accelerated Discovery at IBM Research focused on delivering production grade prototypes for Generative AI services in the materials and drug research field. Karl has been combining novel science and technology to deliver transformational products for 20 years. As an avid practitioner of fail-fast, product-led delivery of user and developer focused technologies, Karl has worked to further distributed systems, data management and scientific applications of novel computational approaches and cloud technologies for IBM, Oracle, and several startups over the years.


An introduction to Open Accelerated Discovery: An integrated. framework for computational collaboration.

Ever wonder how to drive consistency and repeatability into the daily tasks you work through as a scientists? How to publish a clear view of repeatable evaluation of materials and compounds? Meet OpenAD, a light, open source framework for building out collaborative, API driven workflows, including generative property prediction, synthesis path evaluation, simulation, and scoping via prior art and public data.

Here, find the entire day's conference presentation:


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