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Kendall Roden: Building scalable distributed systems powered by Dapr OSS.

Kendall is a Technical Product Manager at Diagrid, helping shape the future of cloud-native development through the creation of developer-centric products. Kendall began her career at Microsoft in July 2016 and spent over six years in a variety of roles in the application development space. From backend development to consulting customers on how to build and architect end-to-end technical solutions in the cloud, Kendall developed a strong passion for the OSS space and the Kubernetes ecosystem. In her final role at Microsoft before transitioning to Diagrid, Kendall played an integral role in bringing the Azure Container Apps product to market.


Building scalable distributed systems powered by Dapr OSS.

In the world of cloud-native, developers have more responsibility than than ever. Not only are they expected to produce innovative code to solve business challenges, they must also account for faults, outages, hot spots, scale points, and concurrency issues that come with building microservices at scale.

In this session, you will learn how app-centric, OSS tech such as Dapr can empower developers to build highly-scalable, portable distributed applications with consistency and ease. The talk will focus on how to implement common microservice patterns using a streamlined approach without losing flexibility and/or portability.


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