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Keynote Speakers 2023!

If you've been eagerly refreshing your inbox or scanning social media like a bot searching for a data leak, your wait is over. We're rolling out the red carpet, not for Hollywood stars, but for the real celebrities in our book—the luminaries of tech science! We're buzzing with excitement to feature these influential voices on our keynote stage.

Gwen Shapira is the dynamo Co-founder and CPO of Nile who's been revolutionizing data architectures for over 20 years. Fresh from steering the ship at Confluent's Cloud Native Kafka engineering, Gwen is a tech wizard who knows how to make data dance.

But she's not just a behind-the-scenes genius; she's also a leading voice in the Apache Kafka community and the brilliant mind behind must-reads like "Kafka - the Definitive Guide" and "Hadoop Application Architecture.

Meet Dr. Anthony J. Annunziata, IBM's Director and General Manager in AI and Quantum Accelerated Science. He's leading a global team to merge AI, quantum computing, and cloud tech into a groundbreaking platform for scientific and business innovation. Alongside this, he's building a community focused on solving key societal challenges, from healthcare to climate. A true pioneer in the field, Dr. Annunziata is setting the pace for progress and prosperity.

Leah McGuire, a data science maven with a 20-year journey that began in computational neuroscience. She's been a key player at Salesforce Einstein, developing AutoML and open-sourcing essential modeling tools. With a knack for unlocking the value of complex datasets, Leah has made her mark in fields ranging from biotech to sales. Currently, she's innovating at FarosAI, where she's shaping the future of engineering intelligence through native AI capabilities.


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