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MORE speakers By the Bay! 🔥

Spotlight on today's buzzworthy talks! 🚀 Dive into fresh insights served by the industry's finest. Think of it as brain food, but make it gourmet. 🧠🍽️

Ever wonder how LLMs grasp context? Dive into the world of Vector Embeddings with Ben Church! Discover how Airbyte extracts, transforms, and loads data into a Vector Database, arming your LLM with rich, domain-specific context. Ready to supercharge your business's next phase? Join the evolution! 🚀📊

Kubernetes + MLOps = Generative AI's dream team! 🚀 Annie Talvasto from VSHN is set to unravel the symphony of scalable AI training and top-notch model management. Ready to unlock generative AI's full might with seamless scalability? It's a tech fusion you won't want to miss! 🎵🤖

Spam-fighting at scale is where real-time data & top-tier ML collide! 🚫📧 Louis Brandy, with experience from Facebook & Rockset, unveils the challenges of low-latency demands, hybrid queries, and swift defense against digital tricksters. Join us on this tech-packed journey against spam! 💡🔍

Houseplants giving you the blues? 🌱 Rock on with Danica Fine from Confluent as she jams out a tune with Raspberry Pi & Apache Kafka. From soil sensors to Telegram alerts, it's a symphony of tech! With ksqlDB & Kafka Connect, we're turning plant woes into rock shows. Let's turn up the volume on plant care!

Indulge in a feast of delectable reports at our conference. Bring your appetite, it's going to be a culinary delight! 🍽️ 📊


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