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Open-Source Science: Accelerated Discovery By the Bay!

Hello everybody!

As promised, we have some incredible news to share with you - get ready for an exciting journey into the world of open-source science!

Today, we are thrilled to present our brand new track Open-Source Science and an exclusive interview with Alexy, the founder of the renowned Scale by the Bay Conference.

While we were writing this post, Alexy attended Stripe Sessions, where John Collison , President and Cofounder of Stripe, had a fireside chat with Sam Altman, CEO and cofounder of OpenAI.

Fresh from an insightful event, Alexy is eager to share this takeaway:

John asked Sam, when is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) coming?
Sam said it depends on the definition of AGI and asked for his own, said: when AI can solve really hard scientific problems, and create new knowledge.

OSSci is inspired by the same vision. Learn more in this interview as Alexy sheds light on groundbreaking research, collaborations, and the significance of making scientific knowledge accessible to all.


  • What is Open-Source Science?

Open-Source Science (OSSci) is an open-source community initiative at NumFOCUS, the home of Jupyter, pandas, NumPy, SciPy, scimitar-learn, the bulk of the Python Data Science Stack. It's cofounded by IBM Research and its Accelerated Discovery team, and started by yours truly as the OSS strategy for science. We bring together OSS developers and researchers to accelerate science and solve the hardest challenges facing humanity — cure cancer, reverse climate change, develop new materials for the growing humankind.

You can

  • Why did we add the Open-Source Science track to the conference program?

We need to spot light OSSci allies — those scientists, labs, companies who lead with OSS tools, who collaborate and contribute, and the OSS developers inspired by the cool problems science asks.

  • Who should submit a talk?

A researcher using OSS tools that are instrumental or have tangible impact on your work, and want to share your experience and/or invite collaborators. A developer of OSS tools used in research, a research engineer supporting scientists, who understands what makes a difference for your lab, and can share your findings and enable others enable their science colleagues to accelerate discovery.

  • What is the main takeaway for the audience?

You will expand your horizon beyond the usual e-commerce topics prevalent in the Valley, and see an enormous world powered by national and nonprofit funding dedicated to solving long-term, challenging problems while setting up educational and community engagement ecosystem. Expect to be inspired and find ways to contribute to human progress!


Please remember that we're looking for the best talks, and if you have something to share about Open-Source Science , submit your talk now.

We are also looking for the best attendees ;). so if you want to know the latest updates from the OSS field, secure your ticket!

Hope to see you by the Bay! ❤❤❤


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