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RJ Nowling: Streaming Feature Extraction for a ML Pipeline using and Bytewax

RJ Nowling is a developer advocate at and an associate professor of Computer Science at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. From 2014–2018, RJ was a data science engineer with a focus on building and maintaining ML production systems for digital advertising. RJ’s Ph.D. focused on numerical simulations for computational chemistry and applications of machine learning and statistical algorithms to genomics.

Streaming Feature Extraction for a ML Pipeline using and Bytewax. is an event streaming platform. Bytewax is a stream processing engine. When combined, our open-source superheroes form the ultimate team for conquering all your real-time streaming needs. In this talk, we'll look at how common event filtering, transformation, enrichment, windowed aggregation, and analytics tasks can be accomplished by leveraging the combined power of and Bytewax. The examples will be presented in the context of extracting features for a machine learning pipeline from raw event data. After this talk, you'll be reading to apply and Bytewax to solve all of your streaming data challenges.


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