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Shadaj Laddad: Hydro: A Stack for Faster Streaming Applications

Shadaj Laddad is a second-year PhD student co-advised by Alvin Cheung and Joe Hellerstein in the Sky Computing Lab at UC Berkeley, where he researches programming languages and distributed systems as part of the Hydro research group. Shadaj hosts many open-source libraries and projects on GitHub, and has a channel on YouTube. Outside research, Shadaj helps run Computer Science Mentors, which offers free tutoring to over 500 CS students every semester, and loves hiking around Berkeley.

Hydro: A Stack for Faster Streaming Applications.

Building efficient, scalable, and resilient services is a challenging task, and has long been reserved to distributed systems experts who must reason about invariants across systems and make hand-tuned optimization decisions. But what if writing distributed systems could be just as easy as spinning up a single webapp? In this talk, I'll walk through our research building compilers for distributed systems, which automatically make optimization decisions and help developers safely interact with streaming data. We'll explore Hydroflow, a streaming dataflow language that compiles to Rust, as well as cutting-edge research that automatically distributes single-node programs.


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