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Thoughtful Software Engineering at Scale By the Bay. Description. Examples.

Updated: May 25, 2023

Here's a track that gets into the nitty-gritty of writing, testing, and maintaining code. Think of sustainable software as a delicious sandwich with layers of tests, documentation, code management, and developers' joy, held together by the bun of user satisfaction. Let's unravel the secrets of programming languages, IDEs, containerized setups, and new programming paradigm ways for AI, GPU, and distributed systems.

We've heard your request for more details on the talks we want to see and their priority on this track. In order to provide illustrative insights into our expectations, we have curated presentations from 2018-2021 conferences that exemplify it.

But if you're ready, wait no more and submit your talk to inspire others or grab your ticket to dive into the latest news from the field.

Let's ignite innovation and embrace the future together!

Let's start!

Drawing from his extensive experience and exploration of Rust, Bryan Cantrill's talk aligns well with our focus on diverse programming languages and industry insights.

Chris Thalinger's talk on "Graal: How to use the new JVM JIT compiler in real life" perfectly complements our track, as it explains how to leverage Graal, highlighting its unique properties and usage in production.

Neha Narkhede underscores the critical role of event-driven architectures and microservices, and illustrates the use of Apache Kafka for real-time stream processing and unifying data. Everything we love - innovative data handling and software development practices!

Ólafur Geirsson introduces Metals, a language server enhancing code editing in various editors, and emphasizes the need for extending the Language Server Protocol (LSP) with key protocols for a comprehensive IDE experience. One of our favorite category of talks - make your life easier with tools while enhancing coding practices.

Themba Fletcher's talk delves into the technical nuances of a metadata-driven platform at Crunchbase, highlighting its agility, granular permission control, and the challenges of field type modifications and A/B testing implications.

We care about business value and love reducing costs. Optimizing GraphQL query performance is key. With query plans, we can execute queries efficiently. Analyze cost, visualize, and even modify plans based on client knowledge. And Greg Kesler unlocked the full potential of the queries with smart execution strategies.

Adam Warski discover Project Loom, the game-changer in JVM concurrency. Lightweight threads, continuations, and disruptive potential.

Expolation of the future in tech is one of our preferred topics and concurrent programming on the JVM.

We are curious! Stewart Stewart will leave you with an increased appreciation for the symbiosis between math and FP when it comes to problem-solving, and the ability able to spot use cases for groups in future problems.

We know managing complexity in large applications is crucial and encourage our speakers to talk about that. Microservices offer a solution, but debugging issues can be challenging without proper tools. Tim Condon explores distributed tracing, understands its benefits, and implements it in Swift.

We invite top book authors to share threir experience reports.

Sergey Winitzki delved into functional programming and decided to write a book. Discover his motivations and unique approach, leaving no stone unturned. Through practical working code, not mere theory, he unravels surprises and offers a fresh perspective on the practicality of functional programming.



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