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Thoughtful Software Engineering Through the years.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Let’s dive into the tracks that we are preparing for you! One of our classic tracks is Thoughtful #SoftwareEngineering. It embraces best practices in coding, testing, and maintaining software, now augmented by AI copilots.

Let's look at some of our best performances from the previous editions of the Scale By the Bay Conference.

The 1st one we want to share is terrific @li_haoyi, and in his talk, he explored how far one could stretch the Scala REPL, performing complex tasks that you may associate with greater effort.

The next, @Oli_kitty and @andygscott guided you through recursion schemes fundamentals and Droste, a recursion library for Scala. Oli first joined SBTB as an attendee then she became a speaker. Now, she is the producer of the conference for the past 3 years.

We also adore panels!

And in 2020, we had the Programming Languages in the Age of the Cloud panel with @runarorama & @rakyll, who explored how developers’ life changes with the ascent of ubiquitously distributed systems.

And if you want to learn the latest news from the Software Engineering, you'd better buy your early bird ticket to SBTB'23 now!


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