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Wangda Tan: Revolutionizing Text Transformation: Going Beyond Standard SQL with LLM

Wangda Tan is an accomplished engineering leader with over 13 years of experience in machine learning, databases, and open-source software. He is co-founder and CTO of waii, a cutting-edge AI data analytics company that aims to revolutionize the way businesses interpret and utilize data. With a track record that includes roles at Snowflake, Cloudera, and Alibaba, Wangda has proven his ability to lead teams and deliver results at scale. As a member of the Apache Foundation, he has contributed to some of the most widely used open-source projects in the world.

Revolutionizing Text Transformation: Going Beyond Standard SQL with LLM.

This talk presents an innovative approach that leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to transform text into SQL and its extensions, addressing the challenges of different SQL dialects and specialized domains such as stream processing and graph processing. While existing LLM-based solutions excel at converting text to standard SQL, our novel mechanism takes it a step further by directly transforming text to streaming SQL, thereby lowering the barrier for stream processing.

We explore the intricacies of various SQL dialects and highlight the limitations of traditional LLM-based approaches. By harnessing the power of LLMs, we showcase the advantages of our solution, including reduced development time, improved query performance, and enhanced flexibility in handling real-time data. Join us to discover how this transformative approach revolutionizes stream processing workflows, opening up new possibilities for innovation in this rapidly evolving field.


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