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Zander Matheson: Scaling Embeddings in Real-Time.

Zander Matheson is the CEO and founder of Bytewax, a company focused on making stream processing more accessible and efficient for all users, regardless of their level of expertise. A seasoned data engineer, Zander has been actively involved in the data space since 2014, holding positions at Heroku, GitHub, and an NLP startup. Prior to his technical career, he attended business school at UT Austin and HEC Paris in Europe. Zander's vision led to the founding of Bytewax with the aim of making data streaming in Python more accessible. Under his leadership, Bytewax has developed a Python-native, highly scalable, and cloud-native stream processing framework that has been open-sourced for the benefit of the broader tech community​.


Scaling Embeddings in Real-Time: Learn how Bytewax powers embedding pipelines to bring real-time knowledge to generative AI.

In the era of AI, real-time access to knowledge through efficient and scalable embedding pipelines has become a critical need. Zander Matheson, CEO and co-founder of Bytewax, will be presenting on how his company is revolutionizing with innovative open source solutions.

In this talk, Zander will dive into how Bytewax's Python-native, highly scalable, cloud-native processing framework is being utilized to power embedding pipelines. He will discuss the challenges of scaling embeddings in real-time and how Bytewax has addressed these issues, making writing and managing pipelines faster and easier for everyone.

Zander will also explain how Bytewax's real-time embedding pipelines have become a critical component in providing up-to-the-minute knowledge to generative AI systems. By continuously updating and expanding the available data, these systems are able to generate more accurate and relevant responses, improving user experience and efficiency.

This talk will provide insights into the technical nuances of creating scalable real-time embeddings, and how these systems can be leveraged to enhance the capabilities of generative AI. Whether you're a data engineer, an AI enthusiast, or simply interested in the mechanics of real-time data processing, you're sure to find valuable insights in this exploration of cutting-edge data streaming technology.

Join us for this insightful talk to learn more about the future of data processing and the critical role of real-time embeddings in generative AI.


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